Covid 19 regulations for Chile

  1. Negative PCR test result no more than 72 hours prior to boarding the plane that will fly you to Chile. The 72 hours starts at the time the test is administered, not when the result is given.
  2. Complete vaccination, which must be verified before entering Chile through the Chilean Government to obtain a mobility pass. The mobility pass may be obtained here.  We strongly suggest starting the verification process 3 weeks – 1 month prior to travel as it may take up to that amount of time to receive verification.
  3. Fill out the Travelers Affidavit form online, within 48 hours of your arrival in Chile. Click Here. You will need to have your vaccine validation back from the Chilean government before filling out this form.
  4. Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of USD $30,000, which covers any expenses caused by Covid-19. Check with your  insurance provider to see if you are covered.
  5. Upon arrival, tourists must get a second PCR test in the Santiago airport, and then travel directly to a specified place of stay (a hotel that you have booked in advance in Santiago) and wait there for their test result.  Once a negative result is obtained, they may end the quarantine period and continue on their travels.**
  6. A daily follow-up form will be sent via email by the government over 14 days following entry to the country.

** The PCR test will be administered directly at the airport immediately after landing, and all travelers are meant to go from there straight to their “quarantine” place (hotel) until they receive the results – they cannot wait at the airport.  We’re hearing results may take anywhere from 4-12 hours.

  1. Book a hotel in Santiago on the day of arrival (the day before your lodge program starts – or earlier as you wish) where will have to wait for the result of your PCR test taken a the airport.
  1. Book a flight to Puerto Montt for the next morning (the day your lodge program starts) with arrival in Puerto Montt before 10:00AM. For your return everything stays unchanged: on the day of departure your flight from Puerto Montt back to Santiago should be booked after 03:30PM.

We had to change the normal arrival itinerary due to this Santiago testing mandate. You will now have to arrive Santiago early on the morning prior to going into the lodge – this is the same as always – but instead of flying to Puerto Montt the same day and overnighting there (now not possible due to the Santiago testing and the time needed to wait for the test results) you will need to have reserved a hotel in Santiago for this night. Then, with your negative test result in hand, you will get on a flight early the next  morning to Puerto Montt (you will need to have booked this flight in advance – it takes the place of the afternoon flight from the day before that you would normally have booked). Arriving at the Puerto Montt airport, you will gather your luggage, then be met by our driver who will drive you to the charter flight waiting for your group, flying you into Patagonia. Either to Chaiten or La Junta for your final road transfer to the camp.

After your stay with us, on your day of departure from the lodge, we will drive you to the airstrip  for your charter flight back to Puerto Montt. You will fly straight into the main airport of Tepual (PMC) or back to the local airport of La Paloma. Please make sure that your flight to Santiago does not leave before 3:30PM, to allow some time for weather delays.

Contact numbers:
Driver Puerto Montt – Gonzalo Pincheira: +56-9-73364469

What to bring to Chile

At the airports of Santiago and Puerto Montt, Chilean Pesos can be withdrawn from ATMs (Red banc). Most accepted cards are Cirrus, Visa and MasterCard. US Dollars and Euros are accepted at certain places only and generally at poor rates. In the camp, however, US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros, as well as US bankers cheques are readily accepted, though credit cards are not.

As your final transfer to the camp will be by small charter plane with limited capacity, we strongly request you to limit your baggage weight to a maximum of 60 lbs (27 kilo) and not to use hard shell suitcases, but soft travel bags only.

General items:

  • 4 sets of clothes change (3 sets packed) 
  • 1 pair of daily shoes. 
  • Breathable rain coat and rain pants (for use on white water where we don’t allow
    waders, or during hiking/horse riding)
  • Fleece sweater
  • Polarized sunglasses, hat or cap/jockey, high factor sunscreen SPF40+ and lip balm
  • Head light / flashlight
  • Digital camera with battery charger, spare battery and memory card
  • Personal hygienic items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, etc.) and
  • Travel alarm clock or watch with alarm
  • Cash US$ or bankers cheques, Pound Sterling or Euros for purchases at the camp and tips (suggested is 10-15% of your
    total travel sum)
    Fishing items:
  • 4-piece fly rods in solid tubes. One #5 or #6 weight with reel and floating line and one fast #6 and/or #7 weight with reel and sink-tip (200/250 grain) and floating line
  • 9 ft. leaders (3 of each – 0X, 2X and 3X) and fluorcarbon tippet material (1X, 2X and 3X)
  • Lightweight stocking foot waders with wading belt
  • Wading boots with preferably felt soles or removable spikes
  • Thermal underwear for use in waders, fast-drying wading pants, neoprene socks (to use in wading boots when
  • Dry bag (for use on float trips) and waterproof camera case/bag
  • Fly floatant, clippers, haemostats, strike indicators and weight for nymphing
  • Wading staff, sun gloves


  • Dry flies: Gypsy King (size 4); Fat Albert, tan and black (size 6, 8, 10); Ninja Cicada (size 8, 10), Morrish Mouse and/or Mister Hanky (small size); Golden Chubby Chernobyl (size 8); Peacock Chubby Chernobyl
  • Streamers: Home Invader, tan  and white; Sparkle Minnow (size 2);  Chilean Rubber Bugger (size 4); Autumn Splendour (size 4)
  • Nymphs: Pat´s rubberlegs (size 8, 10, 12) Prince Nymph (size 12, 14, 16); Copper John, green, black, red (size 14, 16, 18)

General travel- and background information:

  • For holders of an E.U., U.K. or U.S.A. passport, at this moment, no visa is needed for a stay of up to 3 months in Chile. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the final date of departure from Chile together with a return ticket is sufficient. First time U.S.A. visitors to Chile pay a reciprocity tax when entering the country.
  • Chile´s language is Spanish. Outside the capital of Santiago English is hardly spoken. The lodge management, however, speaks Dutch, German, Spanish and English.
  • In season, time differences are: Central Europe -4, UK -3, USA EC +2, USA WC +5 hours.
  • Chileans are extremely friendly and helpful people. Outside the big cities crime is almost non-existent. However, like anywhere, using common sense will avoid a lot of problems.
  • A stay in Chile means different people with different customs, a different culture and food. This is one of the attractions of Chile, but at the same time an aspect to be considered in your expectations