Turquoise waters and an evergreen forest

The Spanish word “Escondido” means “hidden” in English. And hidden it is. The Río Escondido finds its source in a 3 kilometers long lake called “Laguna Escondida”. Over the course of 8 kilometers the river flows as a free stone wilderness river through virgin evergreen forests before it joins the glacier fed river called “Rio Turbio” and the smaller creek of “El Salto”. Only a kilometer further downstream their waters drain into the much larger lake of “Lago Verde”. The camp can only be reached by a 20 minute boat ride crossing “Lago Verde” or by an adventurous 3 hour horseback ride along its banks. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

On one of the hills, at the junction of the three rivers, overlooking the virgin forests of the valleys and the turquoise water of Lago Verde, we built a camp for 6 guests. 3 large dome-shaped tents are built on wooden platforms which are connected by boardwalks. Each “domo tent” can sleep two guests. An open-wall “quincho” forms the dining area where meals are prepared on an open fire. It’s all a wilderness experience. Electricity and warm water for the showers is generated by solar power.

Your daily fishing adventures start right at the camp with various options just a short walk away. Some days you just will leave on foot, on other days by horseback and on yet others by boat or raft.

The camp forms a part of our larger Escondido project. A conservation initiative of The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge and supported by visiting anglers and others interested in a unique outdoor experience.